Emergency responders work to keep you safe, even on Thanksgiving

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - Emergencies don't stop for holidays and neither do first responders. Meet some of the people who keep East Texans safe, even on Thanksgiving.

For most people, Thanksgiving means time to relax with family, but for emergency responders, it's another day they're needed on the job.

Flint-Gresham Fire Captain Blake Stansburry says, "I think for the past five years I've worked holidays either here at the fire department or at EMS. Just part of our job."

It's a job they all took because their priority is keeping others safe.

"That's just kind of what we got into it for. So it's just another day for us," he said.

Noonday firefighter Jonathan McClish agrees,"As a firefighter, as volunteers, when the pager goes off, whether it's a holiday or not, we still respond."

Several times today Noonday firefighters went out into the community to fight grass fires.

"One was in Pine Trail Shores at 8 a.m., and the second was this afternoon off of 2661," McClish said. 

He says it's worth it, making sacrifices for his community.

"It means a lot, especially when, like last year's grass fires, the community came out and supported us greatly. It's kind of a, we help them, they help us," McClish said.

Supportive community members, showing appreciation to those keeping them safe.

"It feels good to be appreciated especially when we're out working on the holiday," Stansburry said.

Some of those firefighters are paid workers, on the clock today from 8 to 5. Others were volunteers, taking time out of their day during emergency situations.

Both of the grass fires Thursday in Smith County were caused by burn piles that got out of control.


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