Employers, workers weigh in on raising federal minimum wage

Employers, workers weigh in on raising federal minimum wage

TYLER (KYTX) --- In his State of the Union address, President Obama proposed the federal minimum wage to go from $7.25 an hour, to $9 an hour.

Small business owners say between higher food costs and insurance going up, another hike may cripple his livelihood.

"It's going to be tough as a small business owner to continue to fight everything we'd had to absorb last 8 to 10 years," Robert Owens, owner of Traditions, said.

He says raising the minimum wage - may force owners to pass the cost onto you and me ... meaning higher menu prices.

"They're going to quit eating out, they're going to open a can of soup and make a salad at night," Owens said.

And there may be less opportunity for job-hunters.

"Small business is not going to be looking to hire new people"

But moms like Rebecca Evans will tell you minimum wage doesn't cover the minimum to live.

"Couldn't afford daycare, so I had to find someone to watch my kids," Evans said.

Evans worked at a department store on that wage supporting three kids.

"It was $7.25 an hour, and it took me three months to get a .25 raise. And it was hard," Evans said.

"I happily worked overtime. They asked me to I said sure," she said.

She's now looking for a job that pays more and says the 9 dollars an hour would greatly help her expenses.

"If you have kids and you're hoping the other parent will help out, and if they don't that makes it even harder because you're on this one income," she said.

Now, as you know many more steps would need to be taken before this could actually take effect. And critics say President Obama is going to have a pretty tough time getting any kind of rate hike through congress.


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