Entertainment News: Ex- friends Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton feud

Entertainment News

(CNN) - In Entertainment News, things have gotten nasty between former friends Lady Gaga and blogger Perez Hilton. 

On Sunday, the singer claimed Hilton was scoping out her New York apartment. On Twitter, Gaga demanded he stay away from her and told him he was quote, "sick."

Hilton put out a statement denying any stalking allegations, saying he was house hunting and only found out later the singer lived in the building. 

Gaga used to be close with Hilton, until the pair had a falling out.

(CNN) - "Lee Daniels' The Butler" finished number one at the weekend box office. 

The historical drama with Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey took in an estimated $25 million dollars in ticket sales.

"We're The Millers" with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Sudeikis as would-be drug smugglers, finished in second place with $17.8 million. 

"Elysium," the dark Sci-Fi flick starring Matt Damon, finished in third place, bringing in $13.6 million dollars.

(CNN) - Speaking of "The Butler,"one of the film's more photogenic stars had some surprising comments on how he views himself.

James Marsden, who plays John F. Kennedy in the movie, told Out Magazine that although he recognizes he looks like a model, underneath he's just a,  quote"goofy drama nerd." 

Marsden adds he feels less comfortable being the, quote "smoldering hot guy."


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