ETBU Wins Controversial Case

MARSHALL (KYTX) - A Houston Federal Court ruled in favor of East Texas Baptist University on it's stand with contraceptives. The court ruled that the mandate requiring employers to provide employees with abortion causing drugs violated civil rights laws.  ETBU sued the United States Department of Health and Human Services over the issue and won it's case December 27th.  The court says the religious organization showed a sincere religious belief that the court couldn't second guess. ETBU President Dub Oliver says the school will uphold its beliefs at all costs. 

"Well as Christians, our belief is that life begins at conception and our responsibility is not to do anything to cause harm to innocent life. We have a culture for life and we want to stand up for life and these drugs destroy life." - Dub Oliver, ETBU President 

The case can be appealed, if the Federal Government does it would be sent to the 5th Circuit Court in  New Orleans.



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