ETX political party chairs on Perry's indictment & surrender

ETX political party chairs on Perry's indictment & surrender

Governor Perry's decision to turn himself in has people on both side of the aisle talking about the implications of his indictment.

Smith County Republican Party Chair Tim McCormick thinks the indictments reflect badly on democrats.

"It's very much a political game," McCormick said. "It's the kind of thing that people are fed up with."

McCormick said local republicans are questioning what they view as a double standard.

"[Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg] was publicly intoxicated, had deplorable behavior for an elected official," he said. "I didn't hear the democrats asking for her to step down at that time."

"She showed her backside in public," Smith County Democratic Party Chair David Henderson said. "And he said 'Aha, I have an opportunity now to get rid of this democrat who's investigating all my cronies.'"

Henderson said Perry's indictment has no lasting implications.

"Rick Perry's not an issue in the campaign," he said.

He agreed with a New York Times editorial calling perry's funding veto--criminal or not--mild by comparison.

"I think that when the history of Rick Perry's term in office is written, the extent of the corruption is going to be astounding," Henderson said.

The one thing McCormick and Henderson agreed on was that Perry's legal woes probably won't swing the vote one way or the other.

"Something like this could potentially have some bearing, but only if they manage to convict him and that just looks highly unlikely," McCormick said.


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