ETX protesters gather in opposition of granting immigrant amnesty

ETX protesters gather in opposition of granting immigrant amnesty

TYLER (KYTX) - As the federal government works to find ways house the growing influx of people entering the US illegally, those in opposition are standing up in protest.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to a group of east Texas protesters who say keeping the border open is only putting a bigger strain on the already struggling US economy.

The messages plastered across these posters paint a clear picture of the america these people would like to see.

"We need to close the border between Texas and mexico, the federal government is not going to do it."

With US and Texas flags as a backdrop, the Voice of Texas Coalition and Texas Patriot United stood together.

Passersby sharing those sentiments honked their horn in support. While the most of the people gathered at this corner are protesting amnesty. At least one, is all for it.

The man didn't want to talk on camera but argued, if someone entering the country is willing to work, they should be welcome. 

"We can not afford economically this influx that they are bringing in," said event organizer Sheila Theeford. "Texas citizens are gonna have to stand up and put enough pressure on Rick Perry to do his job, or get out of the way and let someone else do it."

This protest is one of dozens happening all over the country in response to the continued rise in the number of people entering the country illegally, and the governments decision to grant amnesty to thousands of children who have entered the country with out legal permission.

"I didn't do all give my country away," said Jerry Pleasant who has served in law enforcement and the military.

He said, "Sorry that these people are born in their circumstances, but we can't bring all these people into our country, we're on the verge of bankruptcy now."


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