EXCLUSIVE: Bullied Mineola High student scared to return to school

EXCLUSIVE: Bullied Mineola High student scared to return to school

MINEOLA (KYTX) - A Mineola High School freshman opens up to CBS 19, saying the bullying at her school has become unbearable. 

She no longer feels safe at school after she says another student sucker punched her in the hall Tuesday.

"She's called me a whore, a fat***."

Mineola High School freshman Stacie Cave is talking about a classmate she says has bullied her for a long time now, calling her names, and making fun of her weight..

"I've been really depressed. I've had low self esteem for a while now because of her," Stacie says.

Stacie says the bullying has spilled over into social media so much so that's she's deleted some of her accounts.

This week, things got much worse. Stacie says Monday, the student threatened to beat her up.
She told the counselor and principal, so the student was sent home for the rest of the day.

"They walked her to get her stuff and then they walked her out. But then they didn't do that yesterday," Stacie says.

She says Tuesday, no one was accompanying the student. During first period, she texted her mom saying the girl and her friends "are trying to fight me every time I see them." She also said, "Mom, I'm scared... seriously," and "I don't want to get attacked." Unfortunately, Stacie says that's exactly what happened. 

"Right when I walked out she was there, She came after me and hit me in the head over and over. My first period teacher rushed over and got her off of me. I have knots all on the side of my head and there's one on the side of my ear," Stacie says.

The student was then suspended for three days. 

"I went to the counselor she asked me what happened, and said, 'Okay they're going to take care of it.' They've said that many times so her getting suspended isn't a big deal to me. She should have more consequences," she says. 

She says she doesn't think the bullying will stop.

"She's been out to get me for a long time. And if it didn't stop last year why would it stop this year?"

Stacie's father, Jason Cave, says, "We've been to the school countless times and all they ever tell us is, "We're going to look into it. We'll talk to them.'"

Mineola High School Principal David Sauer says he cannot talk about specifics because of student confidentiality rules.

"I wish none of this had happened. We sincerely care about these kids," he says.

He did not want to go on camera but over the phone, references the district's no bullying policy. 

"We always interview the students and any witnesses and if we find that there's validity to the story we take disciplinary action.  I feel like we're proactive and we try to stand up for these students," Sauer says.

Cave says he's considering pulling Stacie out of school and home schooling her because of this situation. 

The high school's no bullying policy is included in the student handbook, which can be found here.


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