EXCLUSIVE: Courtney Friedman sits down with SFA student who says she was raped

EXCLUSIVE: Courtney Friedman sits down with SFA student who says she was raped

(KYTX) - A Stephen F. Austin student says she was raped on campus and is sharing her story with the public for the very first time.

22-year-old Genesia Lamb sat down exclusively with CBS 19's Courtney Friedman Tuesday.

"I was raped. What do I do now?" asks the SFA junior. 

Lamb says the question has plagued her for months, since she left a college party with two students she'd met once before.
"The two guys needed a ride. So I said, 'Oh alright the school's right there,' and I didn't mind, especially since I had met them previously. They had already I guess built a trust with me," she says.

Lamb says she pulled up to the Lumberjack Village dorm on campus, and parked. Then the guys asked if she wanted to come in and she says she said 'sure." She says she followed them to this building here. 

She says it was in the bedroom that they cornered her and started touching her inappropriately. 
"Next thing I know my dress is off, a guy is having sex with me. The other pushed my head down," she says. "I didn't say stop or no. I just kept saying 'Why? Why are you doing this to me? What made you think I wanted to have sex with you?' Our conversation was nothing sexual."
She says she was drinking that night, but she thinks she was drugged.  

"When they were raping me I was thinking, 'Why do I feel paralyzed? Why do I feel as though I can't move?'" she says.
When it was over she says she didn't go to anyone for help.
"Do you feel like no one would believe you?" asks Courtney Friedman.

"No. I mean who's going to believe me? I drove. I dropped them off."
She claims it was the main reason she didn't report it. 
"I had a lot of situations going on, on top of dealing with a rape. To be honest I didn't even tell my mom until later on, like months later. And that was after my grades started to slip, and I stopped going to class. I didn't even get out of bed. There were days and weeks where I didn't want to leave the house," Lamb says.
After hitting what she calls rock bottom she decided to let it all out.

She first released her story to the world Monday in a Youtube video. 24 hours later she headed to the police station to press charges against her accused attackers.
"I definitely wish I'd reported it sooner."
She says she wants to become an example.
"Show other women or young girls, if you've been touched inappropriately, then you should speak up. I don't want anyone else to go through this situation like I did and feel alone or attacked in any way. Or not feel embarrassed or ashamed because I shouldn't be bearing the shame. My attackers should be," she says.
Lamb says the only thing on her mind now, is justice.
The SFA police chief and his detectives have opened an investigation. They started interviewing students Tuesday, trying to find out if they know the suspects.
These investigations can take a while. We will keep you updated as detectives complete more interviews.



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