EXCLUSIVE: Flu victim survives coma, tells own story

EXCLUSIVE: Flu victim survives coma, tells own story

TYLER (KYTX) - It's the incredible story of resilience for a Tyler flu patient who was in a coma for two weeks.

38-year-old Will Goodson has finally been moved out of the ICU at ETMC. He's alert and awake and sat down with CBS 19's Courtney Friedman to share his story.

A lot of things happen when you realize you have a second chance at life.

"I remember waking up and family members being around me," Goodson says.

Late last week, Goodson came fully off of the sedation that had kept him in a medically induced coma for two weeks.

"I have people tell me all the time how lucky I am," he says.

The first thing he did? He married the love of his life, right there in that hospital bed. 

Then, many more firsts followed. He beat his doctor for the first time in rock paper scissors, and we were even there Wednesday when he took his first bite of real food in over a month.

"A chili cheese dog from Weinerland! Mmmm!" Goodson laughs as he chomps down. 

In between the moments of joy and laughter, he thinks about the reality of what he went through. He thinks about the fact that he almost lost his life.

"You can't believe it!," he says. "It's the flu. People get it every year. It's bad of course, but you never expect this. I'm 38 never been in a hospital before."

Doctors say it was a ventilation machine called an oscillator that saved Will's life.

It's usually only used to help premature babies breathe, but Will's team of doctors decided to take a leap of faith, and for that, he says he is eternally thankful.

That word, thankful, brings tears to the survivor's eyes.

"I'm thankful for my family, that I got a second chance at life. Hopefully I can make this one count for something. You know? it happened for a reason," Goodson says.

He knows the road to full recovery will be long, but surrounded by his loved ones and life savers, he considers it a battle he's already won.  

Soon, doctors will take the trach out of Goodson's neck, since he's breathing on his own. 
The biggest issue is that he's still in kidney failure and on dialysis. 

Doctors say his kidneys could eventually regain function, but it's a waiting game. It's still possible he could permanently remain on dialysis. 


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