Exclusive: Missing teen back home, parents speak out

GRAND SALINE (KYTX) - Police finally locate a Van Zandt county teen missing for almost a month, and bring her home to her family.

17-year-old Charity Pulley is finally home. Her parents say she ran away September 18. A CBS 19 crew sat down with them for an exclusive interview about where their daughter has been.

"We thought she was dead. We really did," Jewelus and Jean Pulley tell us.

After four weeks of thinking their adopted daughter was gone forever, they got a phone call from police at 5:30 Sunday morning, saying they had her at the Grand Saline Police Station.

Charity disappeared from their house almost a month ago.

"I opened the door and looked and she wasn't there," Mr. Pulley said. "She went out the window. We didn't know what happened, what time of the night."

The pulleys say police told them Charity took off with a 21-year-old man she met online, and has been staying with him at his home in Garland.

Police found the man's address and waited until he and Charity got home around 3:00 Sunday morning.

"She had run away one time before, but knew where she was at within two hours, and had her back home," the Pulleys say.

It's also not the first time she was out with men she met on the Internet, but they say she'd never left with them before for this long, without telling anyone where she was.

The Pulleys were Charity's foster parents and adopted her when she was 7 years old. Jean Pulley says Charity had a very rough childhood.

"You know she wasn't treated right to be in foster care," she said.

They say running away was an act of rebellion.

"There are just some things we don't allow," Jewelus said, "and somebody just convinced her that when she got 17 she could do as she pleased."

It's only been a day since she's been back, and they Pulleys say they have a lot to talk about. They say they're not angry, but they're hurt.

"We're hurt that she would put us through all that. I mean after all, we took her in because we loved her," they said.

They hope she's learned a lesson, and that she'll settle down, get back to school, and get back to the charity they know and love.

No word yet from the Grand Saline Police Department on who the 21-year-old man is, or whether he could face any charges.


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