EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Woman who had finger cut off hopes to spur change in Rolling Oaks

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Woman who had finger cut off by Rolling Oaks residents hopes to spur change in the neighborhood

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (KYTX)-Savanna Kilmer isn't from Rolling Oaks, but she went to nearby Wills Point schools so she's familiar with the area and people who live here.

"its filled with drugs, they have children selling drugs and I just don't even want to be here. its just filthy, its not somewhere I would raise my kids," Kilmer said.

Because of that, Kilmer has stayed away from Rolling Oaks. But late last month, she was with a friend when he said he needed to pick someone up in the neighborhood. Kilmer asked us to blur her face because of the severity of the crime.

"The girl said I'm either going to cut your finger off or I'm going to kick your a** and I said you're not going to cut my finger off but if you think you can whoop my a** then come on. and he held me down and she cut it off," Kilmer said.

Kilmer thinks it happened because they wanted her money but they didn't get it. The alleged attacker, Keith Wallace, is in Kaufman county jail and has been charged with aggravated assault. 

Child advocate John Borgstedt, who brought us to the neighborhood, says this is common and he claims it all leads back to drugs.

"I've had families who have told me their kids are either involved in drugs or their kids are selling the drugs or their daughter has been involved with drugs or their family member has been hurt my drug members, everything leads back to Rolling Oaks," Borgstedt said.

Driving around the neighborhood you can see toys and signs letting people know children live here. Kilmer says the kids are involved.

"There's always been kids selling drugs might it be marijuana, methamphetamine doesn't matter. they see a kid and they are minors and they cant be searched without their parents so its easier just to have a kid do it.and expose kids to that? its not normal either to me," Kilmer said.

Because of what she experienced, Kilmer moved out of the area, leaving the Rolling Oaks neighborhood filled with ruined roads, houses that are falling apart and the drug and crime culture behind.

"If it takes my finger getting cut off for this county to get cleaned up and those kids to be safe then so be it," Kilmer said.

We have heard that there was some law enforcement activity in the Rolling Oaks neighborhood over the weekend and neighbors have told us they're happy about that.

There's a neighborhood meeting Tuesday night at 7 P.M. at the Wills Point Community Center. It is open to the public. 

We heard back from the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office which says deputies do patrol the area regularly.


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