Experts say small SUVs best cars for teens


TYLER (KYTX) - Parents, listen up... A new report from USA Today shows the best cars for teens are big, slow and ugly. That's right, the sports car they had in mind probably isn't the safest.

Experts say small SUVs are a great choice. They're bigger, safer, and going to cost you less on insurance. Bottom line, avoid buying anything with two doors for your teen.

Let's face it, most teens aren't the best drivers. 19-year-old Ellen Robins admits that.

"Some of my friends, I get in the car and I'm just like 'ohhh kay, don't want to be in here.'"

She agrees, sporty and small isn't always the best purchase for first-time drivers.

"Probably something that's a little bit more bulky, but still easy to drive."

She says safety was her parents' number one priority in buying a car for her.

"It was definitely a big deal for them, not just what was cheapest."

Anthony Bunce knows the value of that firsthand.

"Every teen I know- both of mine did- they're going to have an accident in their first car."

Which is why Monte Hall with Hall Buick GMC suggests buying your teen a relatively new car with side airbags.

"I've got teenage daughters and that's one thing I looked as is buying them a car that's only three or four years old that had some good airbag technology in it." he says. 

He recommends the small SUVs because they sit higher.

"So, you've got a little bit better visibility to kind of see what's going on around you and stuff. I think it's a little safer car to drive." he says. 

For fathers like Bunce, you can't put a price on your children's safety.

Hall says pickups are also a smart option for boys. They sit high and they're a good investment because resale on them in Texas is great.

Invest in a car with electronic stability control and, if you can, a car that has sensors for frontal collisions. Those are the types of crashes teens are most likely to get into.


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