Families grow on Adoption Day

Families grow on Adoption Day

Ten children found Forever Families on Friday as part of Smith County's Adoption Day. The ceremony was the end of a long process for those parents who opened their arms.

Gathered inside the lobby of a bank, eight families were getting ready to go across the street--to the Smith County courthouse. And yet all the money in the vault could never buy the kind of happiness these people found for free.

"I think it had something to do little sister back here," adoptive parent Kevin said. "Throwing a quarter in the wishing well and wishing for a baby brother."

"[At the time] I said 'we're through having kids,'" Kevin's wife Janet said.

Waiting their turn in front of the judge, Janet and Kevin had a story that just kept getting better. After all, they could have stopped at three biological children.

"I knew from an early age that adoption was going to be part of my life because I was adopted as well," Janet said.

The couple said their first adoption was a blessing, and so was the call about a little boy they'd been baby-sitting coming up for adoption.

"When we got that call we just kind of looked at each other and we both knew that was it," Janet said. "He was going to come home."

To understand the smiles that never left their faces you have to know why seeing little Kallen's two feet on the floor is more than just a milestone in the toddler's life.

"We were told when we got him that he might never walk," Kevin said. "He might never talk."

At the ceremony, Kallen was surrounded by people who knew he'd been born to mom addicted to drugs.

"To see him walk today is a blessing from God," Kallen's attorney ad litem Matthew Thigpen said.

Judge Carole Clark said Kallen's history as an infant weened ofweaneds is becoming too common, but that his future is as rare as winning the lottery.

"Miracles happen," she said.

For more information on adopting through Child Protective Services, click here.


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