Family looks for answers as flowers go missing, grave marker damaged

Family looks for answers as flowers go missing, grave marker damaged

WHITEHOUSE (KYTX) - For nearly ten years, a white house woman has been visiting her husband's grave. She says when she goes, more often than not, flowers are missing or some part of his memorial marker is broken.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains why this woman now avoids visiting the grave all together.

Since 2005, Dennis Caldwell has been buried at the Whitehouse cemetery. When the time comes, so will his wife Lori. The family says they picked this plot close to home so the family could come visit whenever they wanted, but now they wish they had chosen a different location.

"I'm nothing like I used to be losing my husband killed me," said Mrs. Caldwell.

For her, mourning the loss of her husband hasn't gotten better with time.

"They didn't even apologize,even if they can't replace it, apologize for it," she said.

Instead of being able to visit his grave sight in peace, there's a looming sense of anger and hurt.

"I stopped going to visit my husband's grave because i would cry because something's wrong every time i go, something's wrong, something's broken, something's stolen," Caldwell said.

"Nobody else has told me they've had their flowers stolen," said cemetery board member Randall Robinson.

He said high winds are often to blame for missing flowers, as far as damages, finding the culprit isn't as easy.

"If I could figure out who the responsible party was, then I would help the people to have those people fix it or reimburse them," Robinson said.

He said damage could come from vandals, the long list of grave diggers, or a stray rock thrown from a lawn mower

"If I don't know who damaged it I can't hold someone responsible."

Robinson said he understands Caldwell's frustration...

"I would understand, if it was my mothers's grave, I would be concerned too and try to figure out who damaged it."

Caldwell hopes the security will get better so when the time comes, her children won't be faced with the same heartache.

"I can't imagine not spending eternity with my husband, it just worries me that don't care," Caldwell said.

It's not clear if vandalism plays a role, but state law says damaging a grave site is a class a misdemeanor.And stealing from a grgrave siteregardless of the cost... Is a felony.


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