Family says Jacksonville ISD Coach hurt daughter

Family says Jacksonville ISD Coach hurt daughter

A family with a daughter is Jacksonville ISD is making allegations against a P.E. teacher. They say she went too far trying to teach students how to "bump" a volleyball and hit a seventh grader repeatedly with a ball instead of explaining it.

"I couldn't do it right and she said 'Get it right, Price!' She hit me right here," Zaaniya Price said pointing to her right calf. "With the volleyball. She threw it and it was all right here, swollen. I said 'okay, stop, stop.'"

Price said she lost count of how many times it happened.

"She [told me] 'I don't know. I just didn't want her to hit me again'" Zaaniya's mom Tammy said.

Tammy found out when Zaaniya got off the bus that day. She said she was worried because Zaaniya's leg was swollen.

"We took her to her doctor and she said she would have thought [the coach] hit her with a softball instead of a volleyball," Tammy said.

"We definitely believe that student safety is very important and any accusation we try to look into and deal with," Jacksonville ISD Superintendent Joe Wardell said.

Wardell confirmed some action was taken but he stopped short of giving specifics.

"We have worked with the middle school very closely in checking into it and dealing with it and of course because of state law I'm very limited as to what I can share with you," he said.

"I'm just really afraid of her now and I don't want her to do that anymore," Zaaniya said.

We don't know what punishment--if any--the coach received. Tammy thinks she does.

"And they gave her a verbal warning when 'verbal' could have gotten my daughter to do whatever she wanted," she said. "So she gets to hit my daughter and get a verbal, you know, I don't really know what to say."

Zaaniya's doctor told her not to participate in P.E. for nine days. She is still attending the class.

Jacksonville Police referred Tammy to the school district's police department when she attempted to file criminal charges.


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