Family upset by initial doctor's diagnosis: "It could have cost him his life"

Longview (KYTX) -- One Longview mom says a rushed examination of her teen-- almost cost him his life. CBS19'S Jaime Gerik explains the story behind his first doctor's visit-- that didn't address his real health problem-- a collapsed lung.Dillon Parmer is an athlete at Hallsville-- and hadn't felt quite himself for several weeks.

 "I tried to play basketball and I just couldn't, I couldn't really pick up a ball," Parmer said.

To make sense of it, Dillon did some research on his own. "I looked it up online, with all the symptoms and I was like, mom I have a collapsed lung," Parmer said.

So, Dillon did what anyone would do. He went to Taylor Medical Clinic in Longview to get a doctor's opinion.

"He didn't even run an X-ray to look at my lungs. And I would question it myself and they were like no we don't need one," Parmer said.

Instead, Dillon was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics, to treat strep throat.

 "He just wanted to get me in and out. He didn't even make eye contact really," Parmer said.

It turns out Dillon did have strep throat-- and also something more serious. The collapsed lung that he had predicted.

 "They just assumed he didn't need an X-ray," Shannon Massey, Dillon's mom, said.

Three days after his initial doctor's visit, Dillon still didn't feel any better so his mom took him to Longview Regional Medical Center's ER. 

Dillon had an operation within the hour to help repair his lung.  

"They really didn't say how it happened. They say a cough, a sneeze, because he had been sick," Massey said.

Massey is now upset -- Dillon's initial hunch-- was ignored.

 "It could have actually killed him if we hadn't done anything about it," Massey said.

Taylor Medical Clinic's legal counsel sent us this statement in response:

"It is unfortunate that a one dimensional unsubstantiated allegation is being broadcast without all of the facts, and knowing that Taylor Medical is unable to respond and defend itself due to federal patient privacy laws. Taylor Medical has a wonderful reputation in the community for providing high quality medical care and has the highest regard for patient privacy."


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