Family wants driver of hit and run identified

Family wants driver of hit and run identified

 TYLER (KYTX) - A Tyler woman is speaking out about the afternoon she and her granddaughter were hit by a truck. It happened Saturday, July 5, at about 3:45 p.m. The driver sped off and has not been found yet. The crash took place at the intersection of Highway 155 South and Grande in Tyler.

Suzanne Britt says she was heading South toward Coffee City to visit family July 4th weekend with her granddaughter when an 18-wheeler knocked them off the road and into a tree. She says that driver never stopped to check on them.

"The first thing i thought is he's not stopping. He's not even stopping."


Suzanne Britt and her seven-year-old daughter Grace Hudson say they feel lucky to be alive today.

"There's where i hit dead on. That's what stopped me is that tree, right there."  

The memories of the crash are still fresh on their minds.

"She couldn't get out because the fender. That's why." says Grace.

"Right, the fender had been smashed into my door and i couldn't get out. And so, i was able to get her out. I told her to try the passenger side door, climb over the seat and go into the passenger side and get out."


Britt still tears up when she remembers having to get cut out of the car while her granddaughter watched.

"This is where it gets hard because she stood there looking at me. She got out. And, she stood there and she looked at me like. 'Granny, what about you?' And, 'I was like, Gracie, just get away from the car.'"


Britt says the driver was hauling a red Peterbuilt with a white box trailer. Grace says she saw a Wal-Mart logo on it.  

"Like that one with the red."

"That one?"


"This is about- this is what it looked like." says Britt. "I don't want money, you know, from them. I want justice, you know. I want this driver- you know- cause what if he'd killed her?"

The accident report from DPS shows "unknown" under the spot for the driver's name.

"People can't tell me nobody saw that truck."

Britt is hoping anyone who knows anything about this accident will come forward so DPS can identify the driver.

Suzanne Britt and her granddaughter, Gracie, both suffered whip lash and muscle strains from the accident. They say they can't believe they were able to walk away from this accident without any broken bones or major injuries.

Britt filed a claim with Wal-Mart. She got a letter from the company saying it is still reviewing the circumstances surrounding the accident.


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