Farm animal dispute in Smith County neighborhood

Farm animal dispute in Smith County neighborhood

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX)-One neighbor who lives right next to a pen with cows and goats didn't want us using her name or showing her face but she says the smell, the noise and the flies are just too much to bear and she doesn't understand why she can't get help from local authorities.

This neighbor has lived in this area for many years and says she has never seen anything like this.

"At one time there were 7 that I counted 7 goats in that pen with the 2 yearling calves and to me that was cruelty," she said. 

Though she is worried about the well being of the animals, what upsets her most is how it's affecting her daily life.

"The smell, the flies, the reduced quality of air. It's hard to breathe sometimes if the winds are blowing wrong or after a rain- everything is stirred up," she said.

Her calls to local authorities didn't go unnoticed- the owner of the animals says a Sheriff's Deputy did make a visit to the house yesterday.

"The police told me that two cows are OK, but no more," Flores told us in Spanish.

The Sheriff's Deputy said Gabriel Flores isn't breaking any laws because he lives outside city limits, but that any more animals in the yard would be endangering the animals.

Flores says he doesn't think the animals are bothering anyone.

"How do the animals bother them? The gate is closed," Flores said.

The neighbor wishes something could be done to get rid of the animals.

"Evidently the goat has a right to pollute my air but I don't have the right to do anything about it," the neighbor said.

Mr. Flores says he is open to talking with neighbors about their concerns, he does have sons that speak english and wants to resolve this neighborhood problem.



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