FINAL: Schaefer beats Ogle in House Rep. race

FINAL UPDATE: With 100% of Smith County precincts reporting, Matt Schaefer won another term as State House District 6 Representative.

Schaefer: 9,888 (61%)

Ogle: 6,304 (39%)

UPDATE: Smith County early voting and mail-in ballot totals released at 7:00pm show incumbent State Representative Matt Schaefer leading challenger Skip Ogle by nearly 2,500 votes in the Republican primary.

Schaefer: 5,888

Ogle: 3,594

TYLER (KYTX) -- In the closely-watched race for Texas House District 6, businessman Skip Ogle is looking to replace first-term incumbent and veteran Matt Schaefer representing the Tyler area in Austin.

Both were camped out at polling places Tuesday to rally last-minute votes.

"[I just want] to shake hands and get one more personal experience and say one more personal hello before they get inside and make the final cast for state representative," Ogle said.

Across town Matt Schaefer was positioning himself as the true conservative in the race. He said this campaign has been different than his first--with less to prove to would-be voters.

"You've got a voting record," Schaefer said. "You've got a body of work that people can look at and you get a chance to defend that and talk about it. So you go from just saying what you will do to saying what you have done."

But ogle said he's run a more inclusive campaign, and he thinks he has the momentum.

"Not just one part, not one neighborhood, not one political faction," Ogle said. "This campaign has really been supported by north, south, east, west, downtown Tyler. It's from across the community. That's the greatest honor to me."

Ogle said he wants to protect east Texas' natural resources. But his first goal if he wins is to open an office in Tyler.

"So that the people, the folks of House District 6 can come in and visit with us," Ogle said.

Schaefer is already looking to the next legislative session--and how to move beyond a first term dominated by the state's controversial abortion bill--with bills focused on education and vocational training.

"Really, you want to give kids more options when they're in school not only to help them earn a buck but to use to their advantage in life," he said.


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