Financial institutions and police are stepping up security after four robberies in three days

Financial institutions and police are stepping up security after four robberies in three days

TYLER (KYTX)-Many East Texans are nervous about their next trip to the bank after 4 robberies this week.

Financial institutions and police are doing what they can to protect customers and cash.

John Murphy at the Telco Plus Credit Union in Tyler says robberies are unfortunately just something that happens.

"We're prepared for those things. we train regularly for those types of events. The safety of our members and the safety of staff is always the most important thing that we do every day," Murphy said.

But this credit union isn't set up like a typical financial institution, it calls itself a cash less branch meaning any currency is under electronic control.

"All of our cash is dispensed through a cash controlled devices and we don't have any coin in our facility, all our coin goes through a coin machine so as far as safety goes there is no traditional teller line for someone to jump over, so we keep our cash pretty safe and secure," Murphy said.

The cash controlled devices will only dispense cash when a member number is entered and cash is requested. And as for members depositing cash? it goes right back into the machine. That means employees will never have access to cash.

"We've been cash less for a long time and its a trend that's coming and its coming here to east Texas which is a nice change," Murphy said.

Ally Simmons is a mom of four and she says she's stopped going into the bank all together, she will only go through the drive-thru.

"I think its scary. I think its selfish on one level that we have to really worry about bringing our kids into the bank," Simmons said.

Tyler Police have stepped up patrols around financial institutions.

"We've got many banks here at Tyler and credit unions and other financial institutions and we are checking in with them and letting them know we are checking on them and doing our part to maybe do some prevention," Tyler Police Officer James McCraw said.

Murphy says people shouldn't worry about going into a financial institutions.

"Overall financial institutions are very safe, we take safety very seriously at the end of the day we want to provide good experiences for our members in a safe environment and I think we do that very well," Murphy said .Officer

McCraw stressed that people should always be aware of their surroundings and they should call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

Police are still looking for the suspects in both Tyler robberies and yesterday's Longview robbery.

If you have information on any of these investigations, call police.


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