'Finding Bigfoot' crew to search for the creature in East Texas

TYLER (KYTX) - Popular TV show "Finding Bigfoot" is in Tyler, and will set out on a two-night hunt this weekend near the Sabine River area.

The crew has also brought a K-9 team from San Antonio to help in the search of the elusive creature.

"Apparently, somebody has seen him or something here in Tyler, Texas," Brad Croft, with the K-9 unit, said Thursday.

Universal K-9, Inc., a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs known for working with police departments across the country, has today announced they will offer their search services to Animal Planet.

Animal Planet's hit show, "Finding Bigfoot" sees four expert Bigfoot enthusiasts traveling the continental US and throughout Alaska tracking Bigfoot sightings. The team has traveled from New York to the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, the Deep South and even into the Canadian wilderness following sightings. According to the four experts on the show, Bigfoot has a strong, distinct odor and leaves large, recognizable footprints.

Using modern tools like infrared video, eyewitness reports and recordings, new lighting techniques for night searches and volunteer search teams, the group combs North America in hopes of finding conclusive proof that Bigfoot is real.

Universal K-9 is vying for a spot on the show in order to use their award-winning dogs to track the creature. Police departments around the nation make use of Universal K-9's expertly trained dogs to track and apprehend a variety of criminals by following scents, so Bigfoot's trail should be a simple thing to follow. According to Brad Croft of Universal K-9, "If Bigfoot really exist's, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him!" Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot Team, producers and Universal K-9 are in Tyler TX this weekend Jan 10, 2013 thru Jan, 13, 2013 to film for a upcoming episode.

Universal K-9 is renowned for training explosive, narcotics, demining, hunting and tracking dogs for use in virtually any situation. The company's animals are even used by the military and Special Ops forces, as well as SWAT teams across the country. Universal K-9 also offers K-9 handler courses and recertification courses.

To find out more about the company's highly trained, accurate dogs, visit http://www.UniversalK9Inc.com.

About Universal K-9 Inc.: Universal K-9, Inc. trains personal protection dogs, hunting dogs, arson dogs, narcotics/explosives dogs and numerous other service animals. The company provides fully trained dogs to police and military forces, as well as to individuals, and offers contract searches for transit terminals, businesses, schools and now offers personal, private searches for families in need.

Sasquatch sightings have been reported in every state of the union except Hawaii, according the site http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/finding-bigfoot/about-this-show/about-finding-bigfoot.htm.


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