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TYLER (KYTX) -  There's been a lot of negative hype about vitamins lately- specifically multi-vitamins and how they may just be a waste of money. But, some doctors say they are helpful, and we shouldn't give up on their benefits just yet.

"We take them in the morning- in the morning and at night." say Grace Students Claire Coates and Katie Ford.
"When we do recommend vitamins, it's not just go to the local store and grab something off the shelf."
Dr. David Flynn says he runs blood tests on patients all the time. And often, the results are surprising for vitamin users.

"People who are taking some of the most popular ones sold on the shelves- it doesn't even look like they're taking a vitamin."

He says some of the top brands have minerals with poor quality and can leave us feeling nauseous.

"The problem here is that there's a lot of research into how we absorb vitamins. Some don't get absorbed very well, some do."
Dr. Flynn says you can pick the right one by making sure to avoid the following ingredients:

"I usually tell people if you see calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide and zinc oxide, that is strike one two and three in a vitamin you shouldn't pick up."

He says your body is not going to absorb those ingredients very well.

"So, you think you're getting some benefit and you're not."
Next, look for the lot number on the bottle.

"So, that's the lot number there. And, these are just marked on the bottom."
Call the company and ask, 'for this lot, do you have an independent lab that's verified what's in this pill?' If the company can't tell you, Dr. Flynn says that's a problem.

"I've always taken vitamins."

LaVerta Yates says research and a doctor's visit helped her choose the right ones for her body.

"I just changed the kind I take now. I'm more particular about what I take now than what I was before."
Still, there are skeptics.

"I just- I've never thought about taking vitamins." says Emily Johnson.
But, Yates says they're worth a shot.

"It's fantastic. So, I would highly recommend at least trying them."

Multi-vitamins can provide a good foundation, but Dr. Flynn says a blood test will show your specific vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. David Flynn is hosting an information seminar on vitamins at his office in Tyler next month. He's located off of Old Jacksonville Highway right before you get to FRESH. The free class is March 6th at 5:45 p.m.


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