Firearms on school property: a closer look

Bullard, TX (KYTX) -- A teenager is withdrawn from The Brook Hill School, in Bullard, after administrators found a hunting rifle in his truck.

We took a deeper look at the Texas Penal Code, and after talking to multiple agencies, found conflicting interpretations of the law regarding guns in vehicles. 

According to Bullard Police officers, Section 46.03 of the code plainly spells out that weapons are banned from school premises. However, later in Section 46.03 (c) (1) "premises" is defined as a building and not a parking lot.

The case at Brook Hill is still under investigation, but police say they interpret "premises" to mean anything in a school zone, or what is school property. They compare guns on campus, to having drugs on campus.

"It's really no different than if a student or adult was in the parking lot of a school, and they possessed some type of narcotic. Whether they be in a parking lot or building, they would be in possession of a narcotic in a school zone," Sgt. Jeff Bragg, with the Bullard Police Department, said.


According to a statement from Brook Hill, the teenager is no longer enrolled as a student.  The students parents tell CBS19 they voluntary withdrew him from the school

Brook Hill School claims a zero-tolerance policy, regarding weapons on campus.  Tyler ISD reps say they also have weapons-free school zones, but handle these types of situations on a case-by-case basis.





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