Firefighters urge caution as heat wave arrives

Firefighters urge caution as heat wave arrives

Fire fighters are warning you to look for fire dangers around your house as summer fires start to become a problem.

A lot of us are turning to the grill to avoid heating up the kitchen. But fire safety starts as soon as you light it. You want to make sure the lid is open, otherwise fumes could be concentrated enough to explode and cause a much bigger fire.

When summer rolls around, Jonell Villarreal is a proud member of Grill Nation--at least in spirit.

"My husband's usually the one who's doing all the cooking," she said.

With someone else flipping the burgers Villarreal is free to think about fire safety.

"If we're grilling we want to make sure we have the grill far enough away from the house that the flames aren't coming up," she said.

If that grill does start a fire--or if nature starts one for you--there are things you can do to make your house safer according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Keep the gutters clean and screen in areas under decks and other platforms. That keeps dry leaves from piling up. You should keep burn piles at least 30 feet from the foundation of the home and prune trees so that the branches don't go lower than six feet off the ground.

Even your lawn mower can cause problems. On Monday, one in Whitehouse became the prime suspect in a fire that burned so hot one fire fighter ended up in the hospital.

"Too much stuff. Just too dangerous in there," Flint-Gresham VFD Assistant Chief Keith Tate said of the garage where the mower was parked. "When you put your lawnmower up, make sure it's cool before you put it back in the building. Don't put it up hot. Make sure you don't store gas cans near any source of spark or ignition, like water heaters, up close to where you're going to park your car."


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