Fireworks spark multiple grass fires in Longview

Longview Fire Department News Release

(KYTX) - Thursday night, Longview Fire Department responded to four calls that were fireworks related incidents resulting in small grass fires. There was also a kitchen fire at the 400 Block of Norcross St. No one was displaced and there was no extensive damage to the property.

In addition, there was an outside fire incident caused by improper disposal of coals. An effective way to make sure coals do not reignite, is to douse them with plenty of water, and stirred to ensure that the fire is out. You can also let them sit in the grill with the lid on, cutting all oxygen from the fire so that it smothers itself out. They should never be placed in plastic, paper, dumped on the ground, or in wooden containers before they are cool. You can empty coals into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid that is used only to collect coals. Place the container away from anything that can burn.


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