First East Texas taxi fleet powered by natural gas

First East Texas taxi fleet powered by natural gas

TYLER (KYTX) - A Tyler cab company is making a move some are calling historic - bringing alternative fuel vehicles and gas stations to the city.

"We're the first to convert our fleet to American natural resource


Jamal Moharer owns the Taxi Cab Company of Tyler, which now uses a fleet of dozens of cars hat  only use natural gas.

"The long term benefits are energy independence and a cleaner environment," Moharer says.

He hopes others will follow in his footsteps.

"Taxi cabs, general public, police cars, trash trucks, ambulances, sheriff's cars, collectively we can prevent bad air quality, not only for our health, but also for our pocketbook," he says.

Compressed natural gas only costs $1.99 a gallon.

The taxis are also now equipped to transport the disabled.

"Having this will put us a step forward or even several steps forward," says Melissa Reynolds, who teaches students in wheelchairs independence skills.  Now her students can travel efficiently and independently.

"Without [the taxis], one, we couldn't be independent, two, we trust them," she says.

Moharer says, "People in wheelchairs have always had to use a segregated fleet that had a lift that would lift them up into the vehicle and they would normally sit in the back. This vehicle removes that sensation of being segregated. Furthermore it allows them to sit in the front seat! Something they could never do before."

It's something he hopes will become a normality.

Construction on the public access natural gas station has already started at the corner of Oakwood and Bois d'Arc Street in Tyler. The station will be done in about 6 months. If you already have a natural gas powered car and you'd like to start filling up in Tyler before then, Moharer says you can use the private gas station he uses for his taxi fleet until then.

These new taxis also are linked to a GPS system.  You can order a cab from your phone and then watch as it drives to you.  This cuts down on gas use, and saves money. 


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