Fit City: Justin & Gillian taking workouts beyond personal training

Fit City: Justin & Gillian taking workouts beyond personal training

TYLER (KYTX) - Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan are just weeks a way from their 90-day fitness challenge coming to an end, but really it's just the beginning of a new way of life.  Part of the challenge from Tony Cruz at XTC is for Justin and Gillian to workout on their own. This week in Fit City, we head to the gym to check out how they are doing.

The evening anchors of KYTX CBS 19 are in the gym a lot, six to seven days a week.  That's why they're seeing such tremendous results. We will get to those shortly.  But it comes down to commitment, Justin and Gillian are making time on their own to get moving, whether it be a great cardio class or hopping on one of the exercise machines.

Gillian is kicking her workouts into high gear, with time winding down in the 90 day challenge at XTC Fitness and Sports.  When Tony Cruz isn't challenging her and Justin to perform better than the last workout, they're testing themselves.

"Now they are saying, shoot. I can be challenged more and I am going to put that challenge on them. Always push a little bit harder so their performance can be greater for their life-whether it be work or working out," says Tony Cruz, XTC Fitness and Sports. 

Gillian is stepping up her game with new classes like step aerobics and kick-boxing.  "I am willing to try some news things and by trying some new things. I like them. They are great workouts.  I probably wouldn't have tried them before. I think when you walk into a room of people who have been doing a class before, you are intimidated. He gave me the confidence to just go and see if I can do it and I have been able to," says Gillian.

Gillian is in the gym at least 3 extra days a week and the results are there.  "Now she is able to do full range push ups, do multiple times and not just one set. 10-15 different sets. She's increased her lifting weight," says Tony Cruz.

And she's losing weight-- 6 more pounds gone. She's down 2- percent more body fat and she's lost 4 1/2 more inches.  "It is wonderful! Surprising! The last time they took my measurements I said, 'Are you sure?' I wanted them to double check them, but it didn't come easy. It was hard work, but it feels good. "

Tony says, "Justin is an animal."

Justin is logging a lot of hours in the gym on his own. Sometimes it's an extra burst of cardio on the elliptical, running, which he's able to do now after an old injury, or an extra circuit of weights.

"I had fallen into a routine of working out solo-cardio and some weight lifting. Now I have incorporated the group exercise a lot more.  I am doing the group spinerval classes, I am doing the group cardio kickboxing.  Those are challenging in new ways, You see people around you working harder and you work harder because of it," says Justin.

Justin is gaining muscle in his arms and he's lost almost 4 inches since our last check.  He's also steadily losing body fat, down about 4% more.

"These other measurements of gaining muscle where you want to and losing body fat. That shows me I have done something here," says Justin.

Now that Justin and Gillian are stronger, more flexible and their endurance is greater, Tony has big plans for them.

"Shorten the time periods of rest and the multiples are going to go up a little higher, from 20 to 40 reps," says Tony.

All to help them achieve their fitness goals.  Tony is training the Justin and Gillian like military athletes.  He's really proud of the fact that his system has kept both Justin and Gillian injury free.  Now, that's not to say they didn't have sore muscles along the way.  That's to be expected, but worth it, right?



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