Fit City Success: 60 Hot yoga classes in 60 days

TYLER (KYTX) - 60 classes of Bikram yoga completed in 60 days.  That's the challenge several people are taking at the Tyler location.  A Tyler man, who's fairly new to the exercise took on the challenge and quickly found Fit City Success.

David Collett was sidelined by some old injuries and he was looking for a way to get active and start sweating again.  He found that in Bikram yoga... And wasted little time testing his endurance.  David Collett is fairly new to yoga. He tried it out for the first time in late July.

"I can't run and I have a knee replacement and after I started doing it for a while and it was working, the 60 day challenge came up and I said let's see what happens," says David Collett. 

This was day 35 of David's commitment to 60 days of Bikram yoga.  That's 60 consecutive days, without a break in a 105 degree heated room.  "Oh, it's hot," says David.  "As soon as you walk in, it is a like a hot tub."

Executing 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises for an hour and a half, David says it's been quite the challenge.

"I mean, it is a tough class until you get into the rhythm.  Once you figure out the poses and the postures, you kind of get into a groove with it. But it is a challenge. It is a challenge to get here sometimes, but it's good," says David. 

So good, halfway through challenge David had already dropped 10 pounds and was down a couple notches in his belt.  He also started eating better and drinking a lot of water, coconut water and Gatorade.  "One of the teachers here is a nutritionist and I went and had a consultation with her.  You know, it makes you start thinking about, my class is at five.  I better not eat right now or about what you are going to eat and what you are going to drink."

At the end of 60 days, David successfully completed the challenge with a new body, new mind and new life.

In all David dropped 13 pounds during the 2- month challenge.  He says he also gained more stamina and he's feeling more energy than he has in years.


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