Fit City Success: Beyond Fitness group loses more than 680 pounds

RUSK (KYTX) - A lot of us feel like we're constantly battling our weight and like we're alone in the fight to get healthy.  That's how one weight loss challenge in Rusk got started.

The folks at "Beyond Fitness" say they lost more than 680 pounds in their first challenge and they're not done yet.

Losing, really is winning here.  Through the "Battle the Weight Challenge," dozens of men and women in Rusk are dropping weight they've been holding onto for years.

"Actually I had been carrying my weight for about 10 years," says Monica Thomasson.  Monica Thomasson's fight to lose weight was complicated by a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism two years ago and a terrible wreck that followed.  "Made life very difficult, with the pain and everything," says Thomasson.  "8 months out from my accident. I went from being immobile for several months to finally making the decision it was time to do something."

Monica is 40 pounds lighter today.  "I feel the most physically fit I have ever felt in my life," says Thomasson.  She tackles high intensity workouts from cycling to shadow boxing with her gym family at Beyond Fitness.

"You look at the person next to you and say hey, if they can do it, I can do it.  If this person is struggling. I am going to pick them up," says Sterling Pratz.

Everyone taking the weight loss challenge at Beyond Fitness says it is the group classes that are helping take the weight off and keep it off.  "They cheer you on," says Doranna Rushing.  "They make you want to do it, do more and go further."

Doranna rushing was determined to get the weight off after seeing pictures on facebook.  "It was time, time for it to come off it had to go."  She says two babies in two years really caught up with her, but now she's lost 47 pounds working out every day 2-3 hours a day.

"The first contest I lost 32 pounds, out of 29 people.  I was number 6 in the weight loss I was pretty proud of that," says Doranna.  Doranna's not done losing.  She wants to lose 70 more pounds and Monica wants to drop 20 more.  "As long as they are making progress that means the world to us," says Pratz.

Together, they're hoping to win the weight war in Rusk.  Since their second challenge began 3 weeks ago, the Beyond Fitness family has dropped another 280-plus pounds.


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