Fit City Success: Breckenridge Village residents 700 lbs. lighter

TYLER (KYTX) - Over the last 8 years, there's been a lifestyle change at Breckenridge Village.  Today, the people are a total of 700 pounds lighter.

One hundred of those pounds came off of Brian.  Brian burns calories in chair aerobics and on the power plate.

"I knew there had to be something better for our guys. I wanted them to be like everyone else. Active and healthy, normal blood pressures, normal blood sugars," says Patricia Matthews, RN.

Patricia Matthews and Belinda Brock are nurses at Breckenridge Village.  They monitor the residents closely to identify nutritional related problems and help the residents find the right exercise for them.

"They exercise almost on a daily basis in their groups.  We have stationary bicycles, power plate, ellipticals.  The residents love their exercise time," Belinda Brock, RN at Breckenridge Village. 

Which has endless benefits for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  So does a heart healthy diet, low in sugar and packed with healthy fruits, vegetables, protein and lots of water.

"We have been able to actually transform them from the inside out.  Their meds are going down.  They are not as hypertensive and their life expectancy is going up.  I'm very thankful for that," says Patricia Matthews.

So is Linda.  She's lost more than 30 pounds since coming to Breckenridge Village.

"When I first came here I was doing water aerobics about once or twice a week, but now I am doing the exercise bike everyday for about 30 minutes," says Linda. 

Linda also enjoys the benefits of a good walk, like many of her friends at Breckenridge.

"It is an incentive to go buy more clothes," says Linda.

Smaller clothes for a healthier body.  The nurses at Breckenridge say kids and young adults with disabilities have a higher risk of obesity.  They encourage parents to guide them to eat right early on and even if there in a wheel-chair to find exercises that work for them.



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