Fit City Success: Britney Hilbun loses 80 pounds

TYLER (KYTX) - Growing up Britney Hilbun, of Tyler, felt like she would always be considered the quote-- "big girl."  But not anymore, she's now 80 pounds lighter and has found Fit City Success.

Sometimes something just clicks and people know it's time to start losing weight.  That's how it happened for Britney Hilbun 2 years ago when she weighed in at 220- pounds and now she's just pounds away from where she wants to be on her wedding day.

Britney Hilbun may be smiling in older pictures of herself, but inside, she was in pain.  "I was really unhappy with myself," says Britney Hilbun.  "I was always the big girl.  I was always teased and finally it just clicked, if I want to change, I have to put the work in."

From that point on, since the summer of 2010, Britney's been working-- eating better and exercising daily.  "I would only come at night when there were less people here.  I started with the elliptical at 15 minutes and then worked my way up to 45."

Once she felt comfortable and with a little push and encouragement from the staff, Britney ventured into the classes at Anytime Fitness.  She started with spin, then on to the ultimate test-- the iron man class. "It was really a big accomplishment for me because I remember coming and looking at the people doing those classes thinking I would never be able to do that.  Then, I just tried it one day and with encouragement, I started being able to do things I never thought possible," says Britney. 

At the same time, Britney was monitoring everything she ate with her fitness pal on her smart-phone.  Since it goes every where she does, it keeps her accountable.  "I had done diets and they are hard.  It has to be a lifestyle change."

Britney has no plans to put the weight back on.  "I am so much more confident and I just believe in myself more," says Britney.

She says with the help of her family, and her gym family she'll keep pushing herself towards her goal of losing 15 more pounds by her wedding day in March.

"I think everybody goes through times where they are frustrated and they don't think they are losing or you don't see the results and to have those people around who can give you an objective opinion or that push you and keep you going and encourage you.  Without that, I don't think I would have kept going and still be here," says Britney. 

Britney has kept the 80 pounds off for 9 months now. And, she is also training for the Tyler Half Marathon right now.


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