Fit City Success: Dance teacher drops baby weight

Fit City Success: Dance teacher drops baby weight

A dance teacher -- who has been active all her life-- found herself in a position where a lot of moms find themselves.

Her body changed after having children and she just couldn't drop the baby weight.

Dana Sepko says she remembers the day well... It was June 6 of last year.
She was tired of feeling sluggish and struggling  with knee pain, so she made a phone call to a gym that changed her life.

"I had it in my mind I was going to do Zumba. Zumba is the closest thing to dancing that I do on a normal everyday basis."

I thought that would be a great place to start, I had no intention of joining this gym.
 But Dana Sepko decided to join XTC fitness and sports, anyway.  
 She didn't want to weigh 165 pounds anymore.

 Dana was skeptical about turning to a trainer, but she says Sam brown turned out to be just what she needed to re-shape her body and lose weight and inches.

He crafted a tough workout for her that combined weights and cardio.

"Weights was one of those things I was worried about when I first started because the way my body is built I did not want to look like a man.. I was worried about bulking up."

"I told her she needed to strengthen those legs up. I told her in building muscle you burn more calories and more fat... than if you were just doing cardio all of the time."

"A month later he measured me, and I lost 7 inches all over."

 Now, 8 months after revamping her diet and working out with Sam, Dana is 30 pounds lighter. She's lost 35 inches total.

Dana says the thing she is most proud of is by losing the weight, she
doesn't hurt anymore.
   And she no longer has to take anti-inflammatory pain medicine for her knee.

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