Fit City Success: Demanding strength and conditioning workouts

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Four months ago, you would have found Sean Hufstedler planted on the couch playing video games and the couch wasn't the only place he was sitting. His job as an EMT also limited his mobility. In July, Hufstedler realized his own health required emergency attention.

"I started getting bigger and bigger," he said. "I was up over 200 pounds, not feeling great. I said we gotta do something."

Hufstedler found Amy Chesley and Cross-Fit Tyler after a co-worker suggested the core strength and conditioning program. It helped him lose 50 pounds.   

Chesley said Hufstedler was extremely de-conditioned during his first workout.

"Stamina, endurance, nothing was there," Amy said. "But I encouraged him. He did the moves correctly and came back the next day."  

And so did his wife Bianca. Getting fit with lunges, push ups and jumping rope became a family affair. Hufstedler's mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend all wanted to feel as good.

"Within the first month I lost 10-11 pounds," Hufstedler said.   

Now he's dropped more than 20 pounds, and still has not lost his drive to exercise.

"Sean has changed dramatically," Chesley said. "He has lost weight, body fat is down, gained lean muscle, more energized and his stamina has improved."  

Hufstedler strives to make Cross-Fit five days a week now. He said the demanding workouts have transformed his life.

"Almost immediately, I had more energy and I could stay awake," Hufstedler said. "I don't get tired at work and my energy is through the roof." 

Hufstedler said he tried working out in a traditional gym setting, but was never motivated to stick with it. But seeing his arms and shoulders get bigger and feeling stronger keeps him focused on fit city success.


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