Fit City Success: East Texas mom makes time for gym; drops 50 pounds

TYLER (KYTX) -  Finding time to hit the gym between a new baby and family can be really tough. That's a commitment an East Texas mom made almost a year and a half ago to squeeze in time for Fit City Success.

Tracy Ogg had her first child 17 months ago.  She only gained 28 pounds with her pregnancy, but didn't want to keep on those pounds.  She wasn't quite where she wanted to be before she got pregnant either.  So for her health, she joined a gym.

27-year old Tracy Ogg transitioned to a stay-at-home mom after the birth of her son, Tripp.  "I figured if I didn't do something, my health would just spiral out of control because I am at home all day with my son," says Tracy Ogg. 

3 weeks after becoming a mom, Tracy and her mom joined Anytime Fitness in Tyler deciding to change their lives.  "We had to change everything we ate; everything we did; where we went. Everything about our lives had to change," says Tracy Ogg.

Tracy started out with 30 minute workouts on the elliptical daily.  Soon, she was attempting workouts she never thought possible.  "From there we went to the spin to Iron Pump to the SWAT class.  Finally we ventured back to iron man," says Tracy Ogg. 

That's where Tracy now spends 6 days a week cross training-- from box jumps to pull ups.  "It's challenging and different and I just love everything about it," says Tracy Ogg.

Tracy also loves the rush of adrenalin each gym workout gives her.  That's why she spends about 12 hours a week at Anytime Fitness.  "I never thought I would be in the shape to do what I do now and I push my self everyday and it is just something you have to want to do for yourself," says Tracy Ogg. 

Tracy also wanted to complete the Tyler Rose Half Marathon and, she did.  "Once I got going, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to stop because I would be disappointed with myself if I quit.  So, I pushed myself through it," says Tracy Ogg.

She wants other moms to know.  They can too!  "If you don't give up and push yourself, you will get the results you want." 

Tracy achieved a lot of her goals, but she still wants to lose 10 more pounds. She plans on doing that by continuing to count calories and log hours in the gym. 

Tracy is not done running half marathons.  She has another planned for February in Dallas.


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