Fit City Success: Family supports East Texan in 85 lb. weight loss

WHITEHOUSE (KYTX) - Finding a good support system can make all the difference in losing weight and keeping it off. An East Texas woman says her family and friends gave her the support she needed to drop 85 pounds.

Terri Swinford says she's lost weight before, but gained it back. This time was different though, because she wasn't losing the weight for an event. Terri decided to make a lifestyle change, with her family supporting her every move.

Pictures show Terri Swinford 85 pounds ago.  At the time, she was taking 2 different blood pressure medications.  "My doctor was fussing at me that diabetes runs in my family.  Heart problems run in my family," says Terri Swinford.  Terri decided something had to give.  "Because I am getting old," Terri Swinford laughs.  "I need to get healthy."

The road to better health started with Weight Watchers for Terri.  That helped her lose about 50 pounds.

"I decided I needed to do something besides just walking around the neighborhood," says Terri Swinford.  "So, I came here (Breaking Barriers Boot Camp)."

Terri says she was seriously scared of taking on Breaking Barriers Boot camp a year ago.

"Seriously, walking is the only exercise I have ever done," says Terri Swinford.  "I was sore from head to toe and it just about killed me, but I fell in love with it."

Terri says she feels like a different person and she can keep up with her friends and family now!  "I wanted to make my family proud and they have been my biggest supporters. They encouraged me through my eating, exercise.  My husband and my daughters, they will walk with me if I want to walk.  They will get out and exercise if I want to exercise," says Terri Swinford.

Terri says there's no going back to a size 22, now that she's a size 12.  "I feel too good.  I didn't know I felt bad. I feel really really good now.  I love life now," chuckles Terri.

Terri still has a few fitness goals to reach.  She wants to lost 10 more pounds and fit into a size 10.  She also plans to keep on trying new things and get stronger to maintain fit city success.


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