Fit City Success: FRESH bringing back Kids Korner cooking class

TYLER/SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - The Kids Korner cooking classes at FRESH will focus a lot on fruits, vegetables and whole grains and teaching the "little cooks" in your life how to create a delicious recipe out of them.

Even, the American Heart Association recommends including children in your meal planning, and shopping and preparation as a good way to encourage them to eat healthier.

Culinary class is in session!  "We are going to start making banana berry smart tarts," says Myste Snow, FRESH.

Myste Snow at FRESH teaches little chefs in training, like Ellen Haynes a new recipe every other Tuesday.  "I never really learned how to cook so it is kind of exciting," says Ellen. 

In this week's kids korner, the recipe is built around bananas.  "Bananas and the fruit side of the pyramid is really important.  It provides antioxidants and vitamins so each week we are going to focus on different elements that make us healthy and strong," says Snow. 

That's something parents really like about the class since kids are tempted by sugar and other high fat foods on a daily basis.

"At this age you try to teach them how to eat right, because they have to grow their muscles. We home school.  That is part of our curriculum-- exercise, sleep, eat, snack... all good healthy habits," says Emily Haynes, Ellen's mom.

The nutritious foods the kids were including in this recipe at Kids Korner were bananas and berries, which are rich in antioxidants and good for the kids.

They're also getting hands on training-- mixing the cream cheese, honey, and fruit to make their tart filling.  Immajin Jacob liked working with food so much last year, she came back for seconds.  "It's fun when you cook because you kind of get messy, but it's okay because it's fun," says Immajin.

Sophie Bush already cooks with her mom.  "We have lots of fruits and vegetables at my house," she says.  She thinks this class will make those moments even sweeter.  "I want to take these recipes home and cook for my family and my brother," says Sophie.

That's what this little corner at FRESH is all about-- creating great memories, over great food, with a class of healthy kids.

At the end of each Kids Korner class, the students get a recipe like this to take home with them and at the top, there's always a nutritious fact.

On this one, it's about bananas and why they're such a good source of energy.  You can still sign your kids up for the class at FRESH.  It's ten dollars for the entire year, and classes are every other Tuesday.


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