Fit City Success: Greg Brown loses almost 100 pounds

TYLER (KYTX) - Greg Brown was always athletic growing up, but as he got older playing sports, turned into watching sports.  He admits his couch potato lifestyle was packing on the pounds and draining him of energy, but not anymore.

At his heaviest, 43- year old Greg Brown tipped the scales at almost 300 pounds.

"A couple of years ago I was in Hawaii with a friend of mine.  We are in the beach and I am exhausted and I can't even walk down the beach without being out of breath, feeling like I am going to pass out," says Greg Brown. 

Greg used that as fuel to turn his life around.  He started by lifting weights.  Then he added high impact cardio classes at FIT, Fitness In Training in Tyler. "Then the weight really started to come off quickly," says Greg.

Meeting new friends and trainers at the gym, who lived that healthy lifestyle, motivated Greg. "She teaches us you can do more than your mind thinks you can," says Greg.  "That's what I have gained out of that class more than anything. Your mind says you're done, but your body can keep going.  "You have to figure out what motivates you," says Mallory Rodgers, trainer at FIT-- Fitness in Training.  "Greg figured it out.  He figured out he didn't want to be that person."

Within a year and a half Greg lost 94 pounds.

"These pants are when I was at my biggest.  These are size 44 pants.  This is what size my wardrobe was.  I am now in a size 34, but I break these out from time to time when the motivation is low.

When he's training, Greg keeps a pretty stringent workout schedule.  "Saturday is typically a long bike ride 20-40 miles and also a run and Sundays is another bike ride and swimming," says Greg.  That's the weekend workout that helped him complete the Rose City Triathlon.

"It has changed me personally and professionally," says Greg.  "I feel more confident at work. It has been a life changing experience."

Greg suggests getting involved in different activities at the gym and surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to Fit City Success.  The hardest part for Greg was the diet, but he ditched his diet of pizza, wings and 4- soft drinks a day for water, lean protein and lots of fruits.



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