Fit City Success: Holly McInnis loses 85 pounds

TYLER (KYTX) - It's a struggle a lot of people can identify with, yo-yo dieting.  But finally, after years of struggling with weight, a Tyler woman found a diet plan she could stick to for life.

Holly McInnis realized she couldn't keep the weight off without exercising as much as she didn't like it.  But over the last year, her love-hate relationship with exercise has changed and so has her weight.

These days Holly McInnis is always on the move.  A year ago, she wasn't sweating in zumba and she weighed 85 pounds more.

"I have struggled all my life with my weight," says Holly.  "Just up and down.  About a year ago my mother in law approached me and she just snuggled up like she wanted something and she said, I want you to go to Weight Watchers with me."  Holly said "yes" and she's never looked back.

"I know a lot of people do Weight Watchers online and that works for some people, but for me.. the older I get, I have turned into an all or nothing.  I go to the meetings, read all of the publications," says Holly. 

And she tracks every morsel she puts in her mouth with the Weight Watchers App on her iPhone.  "That's how you are able to monitor how much food you are eating everyday. They have a point system," says Holly.

But as long as she stays within her points, Holly can eat what she likes.  A typical breakfast is a banana and yogurt.  For lunch she makes a salad and sometimes at night, it's a microwave dinner after a good workout.

"I started exercising 11 months ago and I started out walking just because that is all I could handle," says Holly.

Before finding Zumba, Holly never liked working out, but this high energy class keeps her coming back week after week. "Holly is always in there, her energy is great and now she is one of our leaders and she helps some of those who are new," says TrishAnn Latham, MoveToBreathe, Zumba Instructor.

Holly's not new to losing weight, but this time she learned something very important.  "I can't just cross this off my bucket list."  Holly knows now-- she must make healthy choices every day to maintain her weight. She intends to do just that.

Holly says you can do it, too.  She's now doing things she never thought possible like running. She's now up to 3 miles because she put her mind to it.


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