Fit City Success: Lindale mom loses 6 dress sizes

LINDALE (KYTX) - A Lindale mom needed a place to spend time with her daughter and get a good workout. She found that at a fitness center. It turned out to be just the fit she needed to fit into clothes 6 sizes smaller.

Heather Bush started Amber Baquet's boot camp in August of last year then joined Action Fitness for Women in May, when it opened its doors.

6 days a week, you'll find heather bush at action fitness for women, with her trainer...

"I don't feel uncomfortable and I get a lot of one on one with Amber, which is important to me because I had hurt my back recently, she has to help me modify certain things that I do.  She really pays attention to us," says Heather Bush.

Amber Baquet pays attention because she's been in Heather's shoes.  "It came from me walking into a gym about 3 years ago, I was almost 400 pounds.  I decided I was going to change my life," Amber Baquet, Owner of Action Fitness for Women. 

And, she did. Amber lost 200 pounds.  "Now, even though I am not the perfect picture of fitness, I can do anything anyone throws at me," says Amber Baquet, Owner of Action Fitness for Women.

She wants the same healthy strides for women like heather.  "I guess I didn't realize how big I had gotten until my daughter patted me on the tummy and asked me when I was going to have another baby," says Heather Bush. 

At the time, heather was 200 pounds struggling with high cholesterol, knee and back pain.  "I couldn't hardly run and play with my daughter," says Heather Bush.

Now heather has the energy to do that thanks to classes like barbell beauties and zumba. Another thing moms like about working out at Action Fitness for Women is they are just steps away from a playroom and if they want to join the class, that's ok too.

"When I bring my daughter molly, she's 7, she can come out here and do it with us and a lot of times she does and it's really fun," says Heather. 

Now Heather feels like she's where she needs to be and she feels healthier than she has in years.  The working mom is also 40 pounds lighter.  She switched her junk food diet for healthier choices like-- boiled eggs, grilled chicken and salads.


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