Fit City Success: Michelle Kincaide on her way to losing 100 lbs.

TYLER (KYTX) - Michelle Kincaide's life changing weight loss started with a friend inviting her to Jazzercise.  At the time, she was apprehensive to dance in front of other people, weighing 100 pounds more than she wanted.  But she did and she's never felt better.

A lot has changed since the first day 35 year old Michelle Kincaide walked into Jazzercise class at the First Christian Church in Tyler.

"You know at 289, you can't really do much. So at the beginning, I couldn't last the whole class. I could last maybe half of the class," says Michelle Kincaide.

But, Michelle kept going. "Everybody just accepts everybody," says Michelle.  "Everybody just tries to motivate you, even the instructors.  They motivate you and tell you if you just keep coming you will see results."

Between Jazzercise, walking and now boot camp.  She exercises 6 days a week and she's changed the way she eats 24/7.  "I started an accountability program in Longview.  She taught me how to eat and the things I should be eating and not eating," says Michelle.

That meant giving up her 64 ounces of Dr. Pepper a day for water and trading her favorite candy bars for her favorite fruits.  "I log everything I eat whether it is bad or it is good so I can kind of see where I am at.  1200 calories is where I am at," says Michelle.

Now Michelle makes sure what she brings to her children's shop to eat is healthy.  That's helped her lose almost 75 pounds and 40 inches since February.  Now, she's no longer tired at work by noon and has energy for her 7 and 3 year olds.  "I felt like a heart attack was just around the corner.  The way I was eating and feeling and I feel like I am going to be around a long time for them to show them better choices and better ways of living," says Michelle.

Michelle plans to hit that magic mark of 100 pounds lost just after Thanksgiving.  Michelle's healthy lifestyle and dramatic weight loss seem to be rubbing off on her family.  Both her mom and dad started an accountability program and are losing weight for themselves.

Michelle's advice for anyone needing to lose 100 pounds or more, "Take it day by day. One pound at a time and try not to focus on the scale," says Michelle. 


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