Fit City Success: New Year's Resolutions

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Every year, just after we ring in a new year gyms fill up with people wanting to get fit and drop a dress size or two. 

And every year, come February or March the crowds level-off. Many East Texans say it's hard to stay on track, especially when holiday treats are a daily temptation.

"Everywhere I go there is food," Ellen Devers said. "I'm going to start with better health which is typically what every body else does. [But there is] failure every year. I start off really well. Within a month or two I am back to my old bad habits.  

Devers is not alone.  

Trainers say many times our New Year's Resolutions are too big

"The biggest thing I like to tell people is to start small," Premier Fitness Trainer Jamie Lynn Hughes said. "Anything that you do, you are going to have to do consistently to see any results so if that means if it's just walking for 30 minutes a day. Whatever you feel like you can do consistently."  

To keep her clients from burning out, Hughes said she teaches them that "fitness has a bell curve to it." 

"When you start out you are going to see a lot of results really quickly," she said. "Then it's going to taper off for you."  

To motor through, she suggests changing up your workout a little bit and not to worry. But not to forget the fuel for your workout.

"Don't go on crash diets because those always fail," she said. "You need carbs to make sure you have enough energy at the gym, you want to stay away from the white stuff, you do want to have the whole grains. The veggies in there and of course a lot of protein because that's going to get you to build a lot of muscle while you are in here."

And while you're in the gym, you're also relieving stress, lowering your cortisol levels; which helps your health across the board and your performance at work. 


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