Fit City Success: Packing on the pounds, prevent holiday relapses

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- It may seem like a lost cause to get back on the bandwagon after indulging in a high calorie holiday meal, but trainers say if you don't, you could gain the eight to 12 pounds many Americans gain between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving kicks off what a lot of people consider the most wonderful time of the year; good friends, family and of course, food.

But did you know the traditional Thanksgiving meal is packed with three to four thousand calories. 

"You'll probably notice a weight difference within the same day," Exercise Specialist, ETMC Olympic Center Cassie Ebert said.

It all adds up. Take that turkey for instance: a 6-ounce serving is about 340 calories, gravy is 150 and so is a sweet potato casserole. 1/2 cup of stuffing adds another 180 calories and if you like cranberry sauce, tag on 190 more calories. If green bean casserole also has a place on your plate, that's 225 more calories with a roll and butter costing you 155 more.  

Then, top it off with a slice of pecan pie at 480 tasty calories. That's a total of 1,565 calories, not counting drinks, salads, snacks or seconds.

"That's a lot of working out to do," Ebert said. "On average to burn about a 100 calories would be roughly walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes, or walking outside for 20 minutes."  

Ebert said the worst thing you can do is put off working out until the holidays are over.

"To get things back into control the best thing is to get up the next morning and get moving on with your day," Ebert said.  "Don't have Thanksgiving everyday until the food is gone. Get up and get moving."

Ebert said you can also throw in an extra work-out or two to burn some extra calories over the next week, to get back on track.   

She said it doesn't have to be strenuous exercise, walking will work.  


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