Fit City Success: Rose Height's Church

TYLER (KYTX) -- 12 Weeks ago, Pastor Doug Anderson admitted to his congregation that he was clinically obese. 

He promised to lead Rose Heights Church by example. And he did. He lost the biggest percentage of total body weight in his church's weight loss challenge.

This was Pastor Doug Anderson in January when he acknowledged to his congregation:
"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired....I need a transformation." 

This is Pastor Anderson now:
"My name is Doug Anderson with Dr. Scott Stoll and fully aligned with my accountability partner Bill Brown and this congregation looking back at me every Sunday and especially my wife Gina and my family and my Lord Jesus Christ. I am transformed!"

Pastor Anderson shed the same jacket he was wearing 12 Sundays ago. Finally revealing the 50 pounds he shed. That's almost 20 percent of his total body weight.

"It's simple," he said. "I read a book by Dr. Scott Stoll called 'Alive.' He said there are foods that heal, foods that kill and foods that burn fat."

Pastor Anderson's transformation didn't come without considerable changes to his diet -- with plant-based meals and an exercise plan.

"If you eat healthy and walk and drink a ton of water you will lose weight and that's what happened."

But he didn't do it on his own.

"The greatest support I had was from the Lord," he said. "I submitted my will to his power and that helped me out... there were times I was tempted."

For Pastor Anderson, this was more than a 12-week program to get healthy.

"There is no turning back and we must press forward, amen."

To prove that, Pastor Anderson rolled out his dress clothes and donated them to the Salvation Army.

"That was a big step for me because I have chosen not to go back, I can't folks," he said. "My wife deserves a healthy husband, my children deserve a healthy father and you deserve a healthy pastor."

And now, Pastor Anderson has a healthier congregation looking back at him, something they're celebrating at Rose Heights Church. 

The church awarded three, $1,000 checks to the winners who lost the biggest percentage of body weight. 

Pastor Anderson was one of those winners.

He in turn gave $900 to a ministry the church supports, The New Creation Foundation, and $100 went back to his church.


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