Fit City Success: Staying on track after Thanksgiving meal

TYLER (KYTX) - 4,500 calories. That's how much the average Thanksgiving meal cost East Texans Thursday. But, this is just the beginning of the busy holiday season and all the tempting food and festivities. How do you stay on track to fit city success? The experts have some advice this holiday season.

The turkey, dressing, casseroles and pies all taste so good this time of year, but that 4,500 calories on average also equates to 220 grams of fat.  A new study shows most people gain a pound from eating all the holiday goodies. That may not sound like a lot, unless you gain that extra pound year after year and it stays with you.

Emily Kirkley has been working hard to lose her baby weight.

"I come to train Tuesdays and Thursdays... and I try to in the mornings before my kids wake up get in a mile or 2," says Emily Kirkley. 

Emily's already lost 8 inches in 4 weeks, but she doesn't want her hard work to go to waste over all those Thanksgiving leftovers.  She turned to her trainer for advice.

"I was like how can I stay on track and stay motivated and pushing to lose weight.  We talked about having smaller plates and a little bit of everything and maybe having one dessert for the holiday," says Emily Kirkley.

Here's a good way to visualize portion control on some holiday favorites-- turkey should be the size of a deck of cards, dressing about the size of a computer mouse and think of cranberry sauce as golf ball sized.

"You are not, not going to eat what's in front of you because somebody cooked it for you. So you've got to be polite in that regard.  Brown rice is good or the long grain rice, the turkey and cranberries, but there is some sugar in the cranberries.  Salad is good, croutons are good as long as you don't eat too much of it," says Tony Cruz, owner of XTC Fitness & Sports.

Tony Cruz, owner of XTC Fitness and Sports says it matters how much work you put in at the gym before and after you indulge.

"If they are diligent before and after... then you can get away with a little bit more," says Tony Cruz, owner of XTC Fitness & Sports.  

Tony says he's already seen traffic pick up at the gym.  Many people are realizing they may eat more calories this time of year, so they're working out more, maintaining Fit City Success.


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