Fit City Success: Tyler Police Department

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Depending on which study you read, statistically, law enforcement officers die 10 to 25 years earlier than the average person.  

That's a statistic Tyler Police Officers don't want to be a part of.

So they're preparing their bodies now for a better future. 

Their workout is intense.

"Mine is called the horrible hundred, 100 burpees, 100 pullups, pushups and 100 situps and in between each one of those events there is - 100 meter sprint."

As part of the Tyler Police Department's SWAT Team, these officers train together twice a month.

48-year-old Detective Chris Miller is a 22 year veteran of the department.

"You don't Want to be a liability to the team," he said. "If you haven't been working out and preparing yourself."

They do crossfit style workouts - combining strength and endurance. While it's demanding, they say it's nothing compared to the stress they experience on the streets.

"These are the top officers in the department physically," he said. "They have to be because we are going to require them and ask them to do things that we wouldn't ask of the normal officer. Hostage situation, rescue situations."  

Chief Gary Swindle, who starts each of his workdays with a workout, expects a lot out of all of his officers.

"We have physical fitness standards they have to meet to qualify to become a police officer," he said.

And to stay fit, this gym inside the Tyler PD is open 24/7. 

Chief swindle said it's important to burn off stress before hitting the streets.

"You go from one moment nothing's going on to all of a sudden the radio goes off and you're racing to a scene," he said. "The courthouse shooting, an abducted person; you're body needs to be able to handle that."

To keep them at the top of their game, the city offers financial incentives up to $300 a year for maintaining a certain level of physical fitness.

"So when you are on the street and dealing with that person who is a little hostile that you can keep your cool because I am not stressed out because I actually have a good lifestyle."

The Tyler Police Department was also given the gold level award for being a fit-friendly company by the American Heart Association.


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