Fit City Success: Woman turns Cross-Fit passion into training

TYLER (KYTX) - With the start of the New Year, many of us are taking stock of our health and fitness.  That's exactly what an East Texas wife and mother did on New Year's Day last year.

She's come a long way in her fitness journey in 12 months and found Fit City Success.

Sarah Nichols did her first WOD. That's a work out of the day in Cross-Fit lingo on January first one year ago.  At the time, she was really looking to just lose her baby weight and get in shape, but she fell in love with Cross-Fit and her competitive nature kicked in.

Wall balls, box jumps and dead lifts, Sarah Nichols loves the intense and challenging workouts now, but during her first cross-fit experience at 255 pounds, her experience was a little different. 

"I almost quit that day, because it was so intense, but my husband was really encouraging," says Sarah Nichols. 

Sarah's encouragement soon left for Afghanistan, but she had weight to lose and fitness goals to conquer.

"So, I came up here to Cross Fit Tyler when he left to go to Afghanistan to be accountable and not lose the progress that I had already made and I just fell in love with the community," says Sarah Nichols. 

Cross-Fit, which is compound, high intensity movements wasn't Sarah's only challenge.

"Every good fitness program, if you really want results, then you are going to have to nail in and dial in your nutrition," says Sarah.  "That's important so I started a Paleo style diet," says Sarah.

The Cross-Fit and clean eating combination helped Sarah lose big in those first 3 months.

"From January to April, went down from 255 to 190 to 185," says Sarah.

It's hard to believe that a year ago Sarah just started getting into Cross-Fit and now she's teaching it after getting her level one Cross-Fit certification."

"I wanted to help everyone that I could I was like you have to get in here and try this. Really 3 months doesn't seem like very long in comparison to a lifetime of being fit and healthy," says Sarah. 

Now at 5'10", Sarah's where she wants to be weight-wise at 170- pounds.

"I like to tell people that when they first come in and they want to make a huge physical change that abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen," says Sarah.

And Sarah's goals for the new year are no longer about weight, but her Cross-Fit performance and helping others find Fit City Success.

On Sarah's to do list for 2013, to get more specialty Cross-Fit certifications and continue competing in competitions. She already has 3 under her belt.


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