Flight 370: More than 45 days into the search, here come the lawyers

 (CNN) -- A month and a half ago -- 46 days -- Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished over the southern Indian Ocean.

The milestone is a somber one because it now allows attorneys to move in. There's a 45-day rule that says American lawyers have to wait that long to reach out to a family that's lost a loved one in a plane crash. What it means is that families can now file suit in American courts against U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The only problem is: there's no wreckage. It's kind of like a murder case with no body.

   Search efforts came up empty again Tuesday. The underwater drone scanning the ocean floor for the jetliner started its 10th mission, but there have been "no contacts of interest" in the first nine, Australia's Joint Agency Coordination Centre said. The Bluefin-21 has scanned about two thirds of the intended territory without finding any sign of the missing plane.

  Malaysia Airlines representatives and government officials had scheduled a meeting with families of Chinese passengers in Beijing on Tuesday, but the session was postponed. The relatives were told some Chinese tech experts would probably talk to them instead. It was the second day in a row they had been disappointed, which only added to their frustration.



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