Foreign militant growth could spark tighter airport security measures

Foreign militant growth could spark tighter airport security measures

TYLER (KYTX) - As militant groups in Syria and Iraq continue to gain power -- global concern is rising about the safety of air travel. One terrorist group may have new explosives that are undetectable by current security standards. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains how that may translate into security changes at airports across the country and in east Texas.

As of right now, there's no specific threat, but President Obama says those groups are getting stronger. So the department of homeland security is working to plug the holes -- and east Texas travelers could experience those changes.

The process of going though airport security, is something many travelers find to be extreme, or just a daunting, but necessary precaution.

Since the 911 attacks, efforts to keep dangerous items off planes and keeping the bad guys off flights has been an ongoing job. As security threats change, more security measures are put into place.

"Most of the time that information comes in a more proactive mode so we're ready ahead of the game," said Tyler Pounds airport manager Davis Dickson.

Intelligence officials have learned that Al-Queda in the Arabian peninsula is developing weapons that could make it past current security screenings -- so President Obama is evaluating the need for more strict safety measures.

"One of our highest priorities we want our passengers to fly out safe secure but comfortable," said Dickson. His job isn't to make the rules to to follow what comes down from higher up.

The types of security changes haven't been released just yet.

"It's just a lot of confusion, it wastes a lot of time," said traveler Ruth Guy.

Fortunately -- no specific, imminent threat has been detected. But as it stands right now, many intentional airports don't adhere to the same safety standards as the US, so passengers and items can travel internationally and end up in american airports. And that's why Obama says to truly make an impact security changes should happen nationally and internationally.

"I think would you rather be inconvenienced for a minute or be disabled or worse for the rest of your life," said traveler Vickie Webber.

Whatever the plan, security measures of some kind, are here to stay. So far the US government has not established any specific timeline. Currently homeland security is working on methods to detect the new explosives.

As potential safety measures are discussed, President Obama says the government will improve terrorist surveillance, and intelligence in an effort to wipe out the risk before it happens.


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