Former constable pleads guilty, DA reacts

TYLER (KYTX) - Prosecutors say they're glad the saga with a former constable has come to a close, and that tax payers have been repaid.

Today Dustin Rust pleaded guilty to two different misdemeanor charges.

Rust announced his guilt on all counts charged against him under oath Wednesday afternoon.

District Attorney Matt Bingham says the case against the former constable began in June of 2011 when DPS officers and Texas Rangers began investigating Rust's security company.

It was brought to the DA's attention early this year.

"When brought the case by law enforcement and you know the individuals, do you treat them the same or treat them different. The answer is you treat them the same," says Bingham.

Bingham says he personally knew Rust's entire family, and it made it hard to work the case.

A special prosecutor was hired, who eventually stepped down, so Bingham got the case again.

He says the plea agreement, two misdemeanors resulting in probation and deferred adjudication, is exactly what would be offered to anyone.

"For the public, they have their money back and everyone can move on," says Bingham.

Bingham says Rust repaid nearly $7,700 in restitution and admitted his guilt to running the security company without a license, theft and abuse of official capacity.

"He directed them to conduct security operations for his security business while acting under his commission," says Bingham.

Bingham says now the community can move on now the case is over.

"He resigned his office, admitted his guilt, as far as we're concerned, we're not spending another penny on Dustin Rust," says Bingham.

Rust will be on probation for 2 years.

He has repaid the tax payer money used for his illegal business and his law enforcement license will be revoked.



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