Freezing weather delays number of building projects

KILGORE (KYTX) - This month's nasty weather is causing big delays for home builders across the region. Those delays mean lost time and lost money. 


Scott Barber knew it'd be a gamble starting construction on his Kilgore home in the middle of a pretty extreme winter, but he says this project is all in the name of love.

"We're adding onto our house. You know how these women are, they always want something bigger, so she wanted a master bedroom, and a dining room and living area," Barber says with a laugh. 

When you gamble, there's always a chance you'll lose. This month, the weather has beat Barber and his building crew every time.

"These guys have spent a lot of time in some adverse conditions and I appreciate that," he says.

Clint Bayless with Bayless Custom Homes says freezing temperatures and ice storms have made this project a nightmare. 

"Being out here is terrible. I've gotten a cold. I've been sick for probably four or five days," Bayless says.

This project would usually only take two weeks, but Bayless and his crew are now going on week five.

"If the roads are bad we can't get all the way out here because we live in Tyler," he says.

Plus, lots of his tools won't work in the cold or the rain.

"My compressor freezes up and we have to put it in front of a heater," Bayless says.

Rain and sleet can also damage materials on site. If certain woods get wet, they can change color, swell or even warp. So it's a good thing Bayless got everything either covered, or inside during Tuesday's storm. 

The worst part of it all, is if the crew members can't work, they can't get paid. Delays also mean they can't start on new projects.

"I have other jobs to go to and I have to tell other clients I can't get there until I'm done with this," Bayless says.

He's keeping his chin up. With a pretty mellow forecast for the next week and a half, it looks like for the first time in a while, the odds might be in his favor.


If you're building or remodeling a home, make sure to have a conversation with your contractor to talk about how the materials are being protected. Also keep constant communication going about the time frame so there are no surprises. 


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